Home Foundations: Important Things to Know


Home Foundations: Important Things to Know


Home Foundations: Important Things to Know

Homes in Australia rely on the stability of the foundations underneath them for structural integrity. Despite the importance of this home system, most homeowners throughout the country understand very little about house foundations and the issues that plague them.

Below, we'll be discussing the most common types of foundations found throughout Australia and the problems that are most likely to occur. We’ll also offer some advice on when foundation crack repair is required and what to do if you find foundation damage under your home.

Common Foundation Styles Throughout Australia

There are four primary foundation types found in Australia. Below are explanations of how each is constructed and the damages that occur most often on each.

Slab Foundations

Slab foundations are the simplest type and among the most prevalent in Australia. Builders construct these by pouring a single concrete slab on pre-prepared soil. Because the slab sits directly on the ground, there is no space beneath the first floor for utilities or storage.

How Slab Foundations Get Damaged

The most common type of damage you'll find on slab foundations is cracking. Hairline cracks in the slab surface form in most homes as a result of normal concrete settlement.